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Max-Kill Dusta-Cide 6

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A proven malathion dust formulation (6 percent), Dustacide 6 provides residual protection against insects in stored grain. Mix it in with the grain during transfer into storage or, to form a protective surface barrier against grain infesting insects, rake it into the top six inches of the commodity in the storage unit.

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    Product Overview

    Dustacide 6 is a 6 percent malathion dust formulation that provides residual protection from insect damage to uninfested grain. Dustacide 6
    label directions allow mixing during grain loading or transfer, or raking into the top 6 inches of stored commodity to form a protection surface
    barrier. Applied per label instructions, Dustacide 6 controls the adult and larvae stages of many insects. Dustacide 6 safeguards your stored
    grain investment in vertical silos, steel tanks, bunkers, granaries, flat buildings, warehouses or tarped facilities.

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