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Diacon IGR

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A versatile liquid formulation that is excellent for control of lesser grain borers, Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles and other stored product insects.

Product Features

  • Labeled for all stored commodities
  • The active ingredient (S)-methoprene
  • Broad-spectrum control
  • Apply directly to grain stream
  • Apply as a fogging concentrate or a surface spray
  • CODEX Approved
  • CODEX Approved for Peanuts
  • Perfect tank-mix partner with Centynal-EC Insecticide
  • EPA Tolerance Exempt
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Product Overview

Application of Diacon IGR is approved virtually everywhere stored product insects are a problem — farm storage, large silos, seed storage and more. It goes where stored product insects go, interrupting their life cycles, providing long-term control and profit protection.


Application Rates & Usage

  • 4 oz per 1,000 bushels of commodity
  • 1 ml treats 1,000 square feet of grain surface as a top dressing
  • 3 ml treats 10,000 cubic feet of warehouse area
  • Always follow label directions
  • Application rates vary by commodity, see label for complete directions.

Details & Specs

Product Documents

Diacon IGR SDS Diacon IGR Label