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Maxforce Impact Roach Bait Gel

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Formulated for modern-day bait rotation strategies to combat aversion and prevent resistance.

Maxforce Impact roach gel bait delivers a matrix roaches can’t get enough of   – one that’s scientifically designed to combat aversion and prevent resistance. It gives you the flexibility and power to kill both normal and bait-averse strains of German roaches.

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          Product Overview

          Key Benefits

          • Works on all roaches – indoors or outdoors, large or small
          • Contains more complex carbohydrates; not reliant on simple sugars that select for aversion
          • Unique bait active ingredient, with alternate mode of action
          • BlueBead technology with proprietary feeding stimulant assures excellent bait acceptance
          • EPA reduced-risk designation for cockroach control
          • No signal word or big 8 allergens

          Details & Specs