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Indian Meal Moth Bullet Lure

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Pheromone Bullet Lures™ for food moth species such as Indian meal moth (Plodia interpunctella), Mediterranean Flour Moths (Ephestia kuehniella), Almond Moth (Ephestia cautella), Tobacco Moths (Ephestia elutella) and other food moth species.

The set of Food Moth Bullet Lures™ (IL-103-10) features the Insect Limited’s signature pheromone Bullet Lures™ that attract other food moth species with a controlled release of pheromone over 3 months. Male Indian meal moths are attracted to the lure and are readily stuck in the glue when paired with a sticky trap trapping system.

  • Indian meal moth (Plodia Interpunctella)

  • Mediterranean Flour Moths (Ephestia kuehniella)

  • Almond Moth (Ephestia cautella)

  • Tobacco Moths (Ephestia elutella)

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