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Generation BlueMax Meal Bait

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BlueMax contains difethialone, an effective second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide invented by Liphatech. BlueMax is the best choice when long-lasting bait is needed. BlueMax mini blocks include mold inhibitors and paraffin. BlueMax meal also contains mold inhibitors and is approved for burrow baiting. BlueMax's palatability and low crumb/low scatter formulation makes it perfect for the stringent requirements of food processing and commercial accounts.

Product Features

  • BlueMax meal rodenticide is an excellent choice for burrow baiting rats and mice in areas where non-targets cannot access the meal.
  • Formulated with difethialone (25 ppm), a second-generation anticoagulant; Vitamin K1 is the antidote.
  • Contains mold inhibitors.
  • Blue marker dye can be seen in droppings.
  • Bulk formulation allows the user to place the amount of meal appropriate for a particular baiting location.
  • Effective as a Norway rat burrow bait thanks to its low potential for being ‘kicked out.
  • Available in 18 lb. pails.
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